Platform Features

Amarscity-Chain will be a fortress of privacy-protecting smart devices and web applications, user-owned datasets and models, cross-chain bridges and exchanges, and far-reaching Dapps. Developers in our community will be able to:

Launch a Dapp

Launch a Dapp through an existing Solidity-based Dapp or custom code written with our easy to use developer-friendly IDE

Launch a Token

Mint and manage fungible and non-fungible tokens for application payments, governance, or digital collectibles.

Run a Node

Port over an existing Solidity-based Dapp or write own with our developers-friendly IDE

Integrate IoT Devices

Harness the power of real world data in your Dapps with “Powered by Amarscity” devices.

Go Cross-Chain

Convert crypto-assets two-way between Amarscity, Ethereum, BSC, and more.

Trade Assets

You can trade on Centralized and Decentralized exchanges


Businesses & Organizations

Amarscity will be the ultimate platform that will help businesses and organizations ideate and integrate blockchain solutions into their business.