Problems and Solutions

The Amarscity Platform is created as a solution to several problems related to smart city operations and processes. We've listed just some of these problems and solutions below.

Security and interoperability challenges are two main situations that faces smart city operations. The collection and storage of personal data create a risk for the personal lives of every human being. With 1.3 million people moving into urban environments daily and 65% of the world'spopulation expected to live in cities by 2040, concerns about what these cities will look like and how contingencies will be planned for are indeed legitimate.

The healthcare sector has witnessed a substantial increase in the amount of patient data being transmitted between healthcare providers and insurance companies, which has led to the emergence of data-driven healthcare models. As a result, healthcare services are operating with and producing enormous amounts of private information that requires high level of security and access control

The rapid development of urban areas and the need for improving the life of smart citizens have led to the evolution of modern public administration. In a smart city, the main responsibility of the public administration is to establish confidence in the achievement of smart city objectives by ensuring open data, long-term commitments, targeted policies, and leadership. While public administration serves as a vehicle for sustainable development, it still needs to be redesigned to operate more successfully and overcome the challenges ensuing from the heavy reliance on centralized systems

One core feature of smart cities is the smart mobility of citizens. Smart mobility improves the availability and accessibility of modern and sustainable transportation systems. Smart mobility can lead to a more comprehensive and smarter future public transportation, enabled by smart technology. Smart mobility requires the development of effcient, clean, and safe means of public transport. The management of transportation systems has been a challenging task for any modern city

The use of advanced technologies has significantly influenced how logistics and supply-chain processes operate to deliver goods and services to customers. While the move toward data-driven logistics and supply chains has contributed to the improvement of the capabilities, operational effciencies, and competitive position of many companies, smart logistics is still not fully equipped to cope with dynamic changes in the business environment. Most supply chains lack flexibility and the ability to adapt quickly to changing market and environmental conditions. Decentralization and fragmentation of supply chains exacerbate poor process visibility, long delivery delays, complex transportation networks, and diffculties in the integration of logistics and supply-chain activities

While ICT has widely permeated education, the digitalization of educational records has increased the pressure to ensure the security and privacy of their online storage. The field of education has witnessed significant challenges in terms of the need for securing personal data that are enriched with significant details such as citizenship, migration, financial, and social information gathered by educational establishments. Concerns over the use of student information have risen as the collection of learning analytics and big data has become more common in higher education.

Amarscity-Chain will not only be a platform on which the mass of new data derived from smart cities can be safely stored and accessed by those who should have access to it. The chain will also serve as theinteroperable platform that gives residents of smart cities greater say in the decisions affecting their hyper-local communities, while also serving as a reputation management tool. Amarscity will create a secure, interoperable control system for the massive and growing web of smart devices

  • 1. Amarscity-chain-enabled healthcare system ensures the integrity and interoperability of medical health records.
  • 2. Data-management architecture that facilitates the management, exchange, and sharing of scattered patient health data by offering a shared and immutable data structure
  • 3. Fast access to health data in addition to the general benefits of availability and immutability of the Amarscity blockchain

Amarscity-Chain would support smart applications that can widen the scope of public service systems and create more innovative public service delivery channels. The higher privacy levels that Amarscity-Chain can bring about is well-suited for e-administration. The technical aspects of our blockchain technology can guarantee more privacy and security, increasing the trust of smart citizens and encouraging their inclusion and participation in public affairs. Via the Amarscity-Chain organizations can create smart contracts that can automate public services, such as tax collection, benefits distribution, property and land registries, identity management, regulatory compliance, and management of government records.

Using the Amarscity-Chain, users will be able to create smart mobility applications that allows for the development of innovative and sustainable transport modes. Amarscity-chain-based and IoT-integrated systems will offer continuous tracking of passengers and vehicles. Smart-city designers will be able to apply Amarscity-chain APIs to assist them in the creation of an effcient transportation network that enables citizens to search and pay for transportation services directly. Amarscity-Chain related applications can be used to consistently capture and store granular data related to the driver and the car profile, maintaining a full and immutable history of maintenance, accidents, and transfers.

Amarscity-Chain technology will have the potential of raising the performance of logistics and supply-chain operations in smart cities. It can simplify the communication and exchange of information between the dfferent partners involved in logistics processes. Supply-chain stakeholders will able to use Amarscity-Chain applications to effciently manage the flow of services and goods between various points in the network, increase the security of IoT devices used, and support due diligence

Amarscity-chain provides a highly secure framework for handling huge amounts of educational data. Amarscity-chain education framework represents a secure ledger for storing educational documents such as student transcripts, certificates, and degrees, allowing each individual to own and share his/her own digital certificates on a peer-to-peer network. Amarscity-chain can help to transform higher education models into sustainable lifelong learning platforms.