About Amarscity

Amarscity is a smart-city enhancement platform and a virtual universe that wants to elevate the lives of citizens through smart-city blockchain integrated services that can be accessed from any location. Amarscity is creating a smart-city multipurpose service delivery station powered by the INTERNET, IOT, BIGDATA, AI and BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY.
A digital smart-city ecosystem that can power/enhance almost every human activity processes in the physical world, making life easy for her citizens. Citizens would be able to control and secure their smart city experiences through the Amarscity interoperable crypto platform. Amarscity platform/virtual city is a work in progress. We'are not stopping at goals written on our whitepaper. From time to time, we'll be doing several Innovation and technology upgrades; whatever we think would make life interesting and more fun for citizens. With time, the Amarscity virtual city will be upgraded into Amarscity metaverse, and citizens can enjoy awesome smart-city virtual experience, and integrated smart-city physical experience. Right from the launch of the Amarscity token, citizens can begin to enjoy priviledges exclusive to Amarscity citizens.

Speed, Security and Scalability

Amarscity-Chain will be one of the most fastest, most secure, and most scalable blockchain platform on the market. An innovative and cutting edge solution that will power billions of smart-city devices and decentralized applications across the physical and digital worlds.


Innovative Solutions for Smart City Interactions

Citizens of Amarscity virtual universe will enjoy awesome privileges exclusive to Amarscity citizens only

We envisioned Amarscity-Chain to be the final solution that resolves existing challenges faced by citizens from various nations of the world, governments, business and humanitarian organizations

Individuals, Businesses, retail shops, building facilities, consumers, would be able to interact with each other in a smarter and more effective manner through the Amarscity platform.

Problem & Solution


Security and Interoperability of IoT Devices
    Security and interoperability challenges are two main situations that faces smart city operations. The collection and storage of personal data create a risk for the personal lives of every human being. With 1.3 million people moving into urban environments daily and 65% of the world'spopulation expected to live in cities by 2040, concerns about what these cities will look like and how contingencies will be planned for are indeed legitimate.


Amarscity-Chain Decentralized and Secured Tecnology
  • Amarscity-Chain will not only be a platform on which the mass of new data derived from smart cities can be safely stored and accessed by those who should have access to it. The chain will also serve as theinteroperable platform that gives residents of smart cities greater say in the decisions affecting their hyper-local communities, while also serving as a reputation management tool. Amarscity will create a secure, interoperable control system for the massive and growing web of smart devices.


Inadequate Security and Access Control for Health Care Services Data

The healthcare sector has witnessed a substantial increase in the amount of patient data being transmitted between healthcare providers and insurance companies, which has led to the emergence of data-driven healthcare models. As a result, healthcare services are operating with and producing enormous amounts of private information that requires high level of security and access control


Integrity and Interoperability of medical health records
  • Amarscity-chain-enabled healthcare system ensures the integrity and interoperability of medical health records.
  • Data-management architecture that facilitates the management, exchange, and sharing of scattered patient health data by offering a shared and immutable data structure
  • Fast access to health data in addition to the general benefits of availability and immutability of the Amarscity blockchain


Administration and Services Challenges Arising from the Heavy Reliance on Centralized Systems

The rapid development of urban areas and the need for improving the life of smart citizens have led to the evolution of modern public administration. In a smart city, the main responsibility of the public administration is to establish confidence in the achievement of smart city objectives by ensuring open data, long-term commitments, targeted policies, and leadership.


Widening of Public Service Systems Scope and Creating more Innovative Public Service Delivery Channels.

Amarscity-Chain would support smart applications that can widen the scope of public service systems and create more innovative public service delivery channels. The higher privacy levels that Amarscity-Chain can bring about is well-suited for e-administration. The technical aspects of our blockchain technology can guarantee more privacy and security, increasing the trust of smart citizens and encouraging their inclusion and participation in public affairs.


Challenges Associated with Management of Modern and Sustainable Transportation Systems

One core feature of smart cities is the smart mobility of citizens. Smart mobility improves the availability and accessibility of modern and sustainable transportation systems. Smart mobility can lead to a more comprehensive and smarter future public transportation, enabled by smart technology.


Amarscity-Chain Supported Smart-City technology that Allows for the Development of Innovative and Sustainable Transport Modes.

Using the Amarscity-Chain, users will be able to create smart mobility applications that allows for the development of innovative and sustainable transport modes. Amarscity-chain-based and IoT-integrated systems will offer continuous tracking of passengers and vehicles. Smart-city designers will be able to apply Amarscity-chain APIs to assist them in the creation of an effcient transportation network that enables citizens to search and pay for transportation services directly.


Logistics and Supply Chains Distribution In-effieciencies

The use of advanced technologies has significantly influenced how logistics and supply-chain processes operate to deliver goods and services to customers. While the move toward data-driven logistics and supply chains has contributed to the improvement of the capabilities, operational effciencies, and competitive position of many companies, smart logistics is still not fully equipped to cope with dynamic changes in the business environment.


Increase Performance of Logistics and Supply-Chain Operations in Smart Cities.

Amarscity-Chain technology will have the potential of raising the performance of logistics and supply-chain operations in smart cities. It can simplify the communication and exchange of information between the dfferent partners involved in logistics processes.


Education - Challenges of Securing Personal Data that are Enriched with Significant Details

The field of education has witnessed significant challenges in terms of the need for securing personal data that are enriched with significant details such as citizenship, migration, financial, and social information gathered by educational establishments. Concerns over the use of student information have risen as the collection of learning analytics and big data has become more common in higher education.


Highly Secure Framework for Handling Huge Amounts of Educational Data
  • Amarscity-chain provides a highly secure framework for handling huge amounts of educational data. Amarscity-chain education framework represents a secure ledger for storing educational documents such as student transcripts, certificates, and degrees, allowing each individual to own and share his/her own digital certificates on a peer-to-peer network.

Tokens Details

Contract Address


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Total Tokens Offered
Token Supplied(ICO)
Initial Token Protocol
Token Symbol

Token Allocation Forecast

  • 75%ICO Sale Program
  • 18.2%Reserve Fund
  • 3%Team and Founders
  • 1.8%Strategic Partners
  • 1%Incentive for Brands users
  • 1%Marketing and Bounty
  • 40%Product Develoment
  • 29%Administrative
  • 20%Infrastructure
  • 5%Operational
  • 1%Legal
  • 4%Marketing
  • 1%Contingency

Read Our Documents

Here is our full documents that help you to understand about us.

Amarscity Applications

Amarscity platform is creating several standalone independent smart-city web applications, that will be powered by Amarscoin and will become global brands in no time.

Amarscity Payment Solution

Amarscity Payment solution will enable users send & recieve money instantly and securely from any location globally. Users can manage their money transactions effortlessly and make payments as easy as sending an SMS.
Status: Launched. Click to See Payment Solution

Amarscity Ecommerce

Amarscity Ecommerce platform is uniquely created to make citizens order for products smartly. Our Ecommerce platform has a reward program that rewards both buyers and sellers with Amarscoin.

Amarscity Ads App

With Amarscity Ads App, advertisers can spend their resources on just one ad platform and get value from several other ads network. It has the following features: Safe Ads, Variety of Payment Methods, High CPM Rates, Self Serve Platform for Publishers and Advertisers.
Status: Launched. Download App HERE

Amarscity Waste Mgt Portal

Our waste app will make waste management easy & effective for smart city citizens, while rewarding individuals with Amarscoin for using the platform

Amarscity Health App

Our Health app will provide several benefits pertaining to smart healthcare: data integrity, transparency, shared access, management, and fast access to health data is also an added benefit.

Amarscity Smart Mobility

Our mobility solution will create an efficient transportation network that will enable citizens search and pay for transportation services directly. See more details on our whitepaper

Amarscity Voting Framework

Developers with basic knowledge will be able to create voting application atop the Amarscity-chain. Our evoting application will have the ability to securely store votes and enhance the transparency of elections.

Amarscity Education Platform

Amarscity-chain education framework represents a secure ledger for storing educational documents such as student transcripts, certificates, and degrees, allowing each individual to own and share his/her own digital certificates on a peer-to-peer network

Amarscity Smart Safety Solution

Amarscity safety technology will take care of public saftety of citizens. The infrastructure will work with other agencies and personnel to keep citizens and businesses safe. This includes the police, fire, and EMS first responders as well as emergency and disaster prevention and management agencies

Amarscity Travel Solution

Amarschain hotel management technology will be very beneficial for hotel operators. It will have strong security and stability. Using this technology, the process of hotel management can be made very easy and transparent


Smart City Payment Wallet and Card

Enjoy feeless, borderless, almost instantaneous payment without the need for a custom card terminal

With theAmarcity prepaid card, members will be able to carry out transactions world wide on millions of existing ATMs and POS terminals. The Amarscity prepaid card is like any other master card that can be used on any payment channel.

Amarscity payment gateway is an interface that transmits data swiftly and securely between customers and retailers by using Amarscity wallet. The payment will be deposited into the seller’s wallet and the seller may choose to receive in it in fi at or digital currencies

Through Amarscity Payment wallet, citizens will be able to manage and monitor all activities on their prepaid card. Citizens will also be able to recharge their prepaid card with Amarscoin.Payment services for invoices and mobile top-up are going to be available only in specific countries

First Fully Decentralized & Automated Academic University in the World

At Amarscity, we are building a fully Decentralized Online University that will be ready for launch few years from now. Amarscity Decentralized University will be a fully automated academic institution that will allow students to study online at various levels and earn various degrees without any human contact. Using the power of blockchain technology and IoT, we are building the first fully decentralized automated university in the world completely controlled by smart contracts.
See Our White paper more details.



Our team is working hard round the clock to achieve our road map

2022 Q1
Concept Development
  • Whitepaper completion
  • Website Launch
  • Create BSC Token
2022 Q2
Token Sale
  • Presale Starts
2022 Q3
  • Airdrops
2023 Q1
  • Listing on different crypto platforms
  • Listing on Pancakeswap
2023 Q3
Brands & Partnerships
2023 Q4
Token Activities
  • Amarscity Blockchain Testnet Live
  • Amarscity Blockchain Mainet Live
  • Amarscity Interoperable Devices Connect Station
2024 Q1
  • Bridge on Binance and Polkadot
  • Token Farming
  • Token Staking
2024 Q2
  • Amarscity Exchange Listing
  • Integrating Apps with Token
2024 Q3
Banking Infrasctructure
  • Banking Licences
  • Full Banking App Development
  • Payment Gateway
  • Amarscity Prepaid Cards
2024 Q4
  • NFT Market Development Testnet
  • NFT Market Development Mainnet
2025 Q1
Smart Education
  • Amarscity Decentralized University Testnet Live
  • Amarscity Decentralized University Mainnet Live
2025 Q2
  • Amarscity evolves into Metaverse
  • Metaverse Continue Development

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