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About Us

Our Vision

We aspire to establish a scalable ecosystem capable of fueling smart solutions and empowering individuals to become adept at utilizing essential tech skills to enrich and contribute to a smart and interconnected world.

Our Digital Currency

Amarscoin(AMSC) aspires to become Amarscity's universe transaction digital currency. It represents a fractional ownership of Amarscity. Ya! The Amarscity universe is owned by citizens. Ownership degree is determined by the amount of $AMSC each citizen holds.

Over fifty Specialized Courses.

Enhance your career path with Amarscity's specialised courses that explore the integration of digital technology in enhancing various business fields.

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Why Us?

Why should you become a citizen of the Amarscity universe?

Financial Rewards

The Amarscity universe operates an Affiliate program that allow citizens to earn residual income. You earn $5, when a Citizen joins Amarscity through you and earn more dollars from activities of your downlines. - All payments in USD.


Free Amarscoin($AMSC)

Amarscoin (AMSC) is a digital/cryptocurrency owned by Amarscity and it represents a fractional ownership of Amarscity. As a citizen of Amarscity, you get free 10000 $AMSC when you signup and extra 10000 $AMSC for everyone that joins Amarscity through you. You can exchange $AMSC for other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, BNB, e.t.c through PANCAKESWAP. . For more info about Amarscoin and distribution, visit: amarscity.com/blockchain-info/token.html.

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You keep earning for life

As an upgraded citizen of the Amarscity universe, you become an Amarscity envoy, and you share in Amarscity's profit globally for life - that's correct. Our transparent financial policy states that 20% of profit globally is made available for all citizens to share-(What you get from this pool, is determined by the amount of Amarscoin you're holding.) The remaining 80% is used for maintaning the universe. You don't have to work to earn in our universe. You invest once & earn for life

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Premium business promotion

At Amarscity, we offer premium advertising campaign for all citizens via our Digital Ad company: AdvertHit. When you signup on Amarscity and activate your citizenship, you will have access to AdvertHit basic plan. Your brand is promoted monthly on facebook, Instagram & Twitter. Your Ad is shown on Jiji, OLX, Efritin, Oni, Postwanga, Gumtree, Adpost, Geeble, Oodle and submited to Google and several other Search engines. And You get a branded article to promote your business.


Your Own Website & Mobile App

With Amarscity Membership, you get your own WEBSITE & MOBILE App to promote any business/organization of your choice, without any extra cost. You provide the content; we do the design and Android app for you. Your website & Mobile App is FREE forever. Use it however you like .

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Specialized Digital Courses

When you join Amarscity, you have access to several specialized courses and a tech enhancement community, that can empower you to proficiently employ essential tech skills. Our Tech community offer courses that includes: digital communication and team management, digital entrepreneurship, cyber security, digital literacy, healthcare data analytics, Becoming a consultant, Introduction to community policing, Introduction to digital Journalism, Introduction to project management, Introduction to social media, e.t.c

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How to Get Started with Amarscity

You can become part of the Amarscity virtual universe and enjoy all the benefits that comes with it; easy and straightforward!


Become a Citizen

It starts with signing up and creating a citizen account. Sign up


Fund Your Account

Fund your account with a minimum of $15 and wait for your account to be activated by Amarscity Admin. .



Help others become Amarscity citizens and start earning USD + free $AMSC. Get $5 and 10000 $AMSC for each Citizen you refer to Amarscity.

How to Buy AMSC/USDT From Pancakeswap

You easily can buy AMSC with USDT using PANCAKESWAP. Simply follow the steps below!



Visit Pancakeswap.finance, connect your Wallet, and click Swap under the Trade Menu .


Setup Your Cryptocurrency Pairs

On the Swap dialog box, Click the drop-down on the first currency pair and select USDT. Also click the drop-down on the second currency pair and select AMSC. Use the Search box for quick view


Swap both Currency Pairs

Put the amount of USDT you are trading on the USDT box and wait for the equivalent AMSC to display, after which you can click the Swap button to complete the transaction

Our Roadmap Summary




Listing & Integrations




NFTs &
other Smartcity Integrations

See Roadmap details on our Blockchain information WEBSITE

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At Amarscity universe, we're creating projects, business brands and getting involved in partnerships. Following are some of them

The Amarscity Blockchain

Monitransact - Escrow & Money Transfer Solution

AdvertHit - Advertising Network

Amarvo Ecommerce platform


Upcoming projects